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Environment and the economy

Initially working mainly in the sectors of protected areas and conservation of biodiversity, we have s since diversified its activities to natural resources management, environmental impact assessment, eco-tourism and communication concerning environmental issues.

At the heart of our efforts lies the relationship between man and nature. From the taiga habitat of the Siberian tiger to the great African parks, from the Mediterranean coasts to the tropical forests, we have developed our commitment to link nature conservation and economic benefits.

Tourism and eco-tourism

The link between nature conservation and economic development often involves the promotion of those forms of tourism, which are eco-friendly and are based on the concept of putting a great value on nature. This has led us to develop a particular interest and specific competences concerning this sector.


“Communication” – understood here as an instrument of promoting knowledge and education – has been applied in many contexts. We have implemented innovative projects to convey information both within organizations and between institutions and the citizens. We have also carried out information campaigns and training workshops aimed both at adults and youths. Furthermore, we produce and distribute documentaries.


Our experience in this sector has been gained both in Europe and in Africa, by working on projects concerning preservation of cultural heritage, conservation of art assets, feasibility studies for historical sites, as well as renovation and management of historical sites and buildings. We have  also been involved in the promotion of the arts and crafts sector, the development of cultural tourism and museum and exposition management.

Information Technology

We have developed information systems for environmental conservation and management, and use state of the art technology, in particular for the production and management of Data Banks and GIS (geographical information systems).

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