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Innovation and creativity for the Environment



Financing institution  or Client

Title and description

Mashrek-Maghreb, Arabic Gulf


League of Arab Nations


A documentary film for the presentation of the UNEP report “Environmental Outlook for the Arab Region

The purpose of the film is to highlight how the major environmental challenges – those that know no boundaries- are affecting the life of the man-in-the street. Topics include climate change, desertification, soil erosion urban environment, loss of biodiversity.

Mashrek-Maghreb, Arabic Gulf



“Fighting water scarcity in the Arab countries”

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations and an international financial institution, has accumulated a vast experience in battling water scarcity in the region over the past 30 years.


2007- 2008


World Bank

Documentary on WB wastewater management project TL and scientific advisor- for the communications component of the World Bank project for constructed wetlands in 3 coastal cities.


Europe 2006




Production of seven video clips for the communication and information campaign on the EULEB (European high quality low energy buildings) project (www.euleb.info). We describe in different ways and with different grades of detail the project on energy efficient buildings. The goal is to have an easy to use cd-rom which informs interested persons about the possibilities of combining good architecture with energy efficiency.



1/2005 – 8/ 2005


European Union

Documentary series “The EU in Jordan”

The project produced three documentaries, each 13 to 15 minutes long, on the following themes: the EU-Jordanian Partnership and Political Development; Social Development; and Economic Development. They are targeted at the Jordanian Public, Economic and Political decision makers, civil society actors and young audience.


2003 - 2004

FAO, Syrian Arab Republic – TVE -

The discovery of the bald ibis in the Syrian Badia

Documentary on the discovery of the surviving bald ibis in Syria, a rare bird thought to have become extinct in the Near East. Collating the information provided by local hunters and conducting systematic research on the stone cliffs in the areas where the bird had been sighted Awareness of the importance of the discovery grew among the local people, who are becoming the very guardians of the site, where the nesting birds must be protected form any disturbance.


February - July 2002

Tuscany Region Ministry of Environment,


The silver river”

Production of a documentary on the Arno River Screened at Johannesburg Earth Summit and . BBC’s World Service Series “Earth Report”.



Lesotho Highlands Development Authority

LHSD Public awareness film.

Enhancement of environmental awareness among the populations affected by the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, through media communication, participatory approach and IEC methodology. 

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