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Poseidon Satellite derived high precision bathymetry

Poseidon Satellite derived high precision bathymetry

This system is a breakthrough in satellite derived bathymetry, as it produces a level of precision remarkably superior to that of competitive systems on the market.

Fields of Application

Considering that Poseidon produces a high precision water depth estimation the fields of application are multiple; in the following points examples can be found.

_ Satellite Derived Bathymetry. Poseidon maps can support traditional surveys in order to

acquire a more detailed information (improvement of spatial and temporal distribution).

_ Coastal Monitoring. Evaluation of erosion and deposition phenomena, volume calculations etc.

_ Infrastructures Planning. Study of water depth in order to find the best location where to install panels, floating building, build new harbours . etc.

_ Statistical study of current. Using geospatial statistics, also combined with topological analysis,

it is possible to estimate current distribution.

_ Ecological studies. (attitude for animal and/or habitat distribution)

_ Environmental Impact Assessment. Study of Environmental Impact of boat navigation.